Welcome to the ATV wheelchair accessible build. This machine is targeted for people of high-level disabilities, it allows you to back your wheelchair directly into the machine and drive with the joystick that functions very similar to how a power wheelchair does.

This is completely custom-built and designed to be fun and very safe. We are hoping it will open up a lot of wheelchair users to something they have never experienced or have lost. The ability to go virtually anywhere. It’s also going to top out at approximately 20 mph. So you won’t exactly be left in the dust.

Check out the gallery of build photos and renderings of what the final machine should look like. Also check out the contributors without them this wouldn’t be happening. If you have any comments or suggestions just go to the contact page and let us know what’s on your mind. The feedback has been great.

We’ve also made a decision that when the blueprint and the machine are considered safe and functional, we are going to give the design away to anyone who wants to build it for themselves. This is how we came up with the gofundme idea, was to try to raise some money to make the design available to others. We need to spend a lot more money to make it safer than if it were specifically designed for one person. Were going to have 16 different sensors that are going to help monitor how the machine performs and also how it functions. Which has increased the cost significantly.